Challenge #3
How could we?

Improve weather forecasting and its use in aviation

This challenge seeks solutions to improve weather forecasting both in location and forecast horizon.
  • Adverse weather causes aviation delays, affecting airline planning and airport and airspace capacity.
  • Current weather models are inaccurate, which makes it difficult to incorporate weather forecasts into air route planning and can increase delays.
  • The challenge consists of finding solutions that improve weather forecasting for use in aviation and that can be integrated into air traffic management.

Adverse weather is one of the major causes of delays in aviation. Companies plan their flights many hours, days or months in advance without knowing whether there will be storms, ice or low visibility on the day they plan to fly. When these phenomena occur, the capacity of airspace or airports is considerably reduced, making it impossible for all the airplanes that had planned to fly on a certain day and at a certain time to do so without being delayed.

Existing weather models are not very accurate, especially for many days ahead and/or in specific areas (an airport, an area of airspace). If weather forecasts were more accurate, they could be incorporated earlier in the planning of air routes and thus avoid delays.

The challenge is to present solutions that improve weather forecasts for aeronautical use as well as ways to integrate them into air traffic management at any stage of flight planning

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