Challenge #1
How could we?

Improve the management and prioritization of the vast amount of information handled by airlines before flying

The challenge looks for solutions that allow the handling, management and automatic prioritization of information contained in huge texts and notifications in an environment where aviation safety is the priority.
  • NOTAMs are notifications of air route hazards for airlines and pilots.

  • Service providers enter the information into the NOTAM management system for users to access.

  • NOTAMs management is complex due to information overload, so a digital platform is needed to provide users with only the relevant and critical information in a simplified and secure way.

NOTAMs (Notices to Air Mission) are state-generated notifications to airlines and pilots alerting them of any kind of risk they may encounter en route. For example, they inform about places where air shows or parachute jumps are planned, closed airport runways, inoperative navigation aids, military exercises that impose restrictions on the use of airspace, temporary presence of obstacles near airports, etc.

Navigation service providers or airport managers, among others, access the NOTAM management system and enter the information they consider relevant. When an airline or pilot delivers his flight plan, he checks in the NOTAM management system all the NOTAMs that correspond to the route the aircraft has planned. There are NOTAMs whose knowledge is critical for a safe operation (closure of a runway at the airport of destination) but there are other notifications that are not so relevant, for example that the pavement of an airport taxiway is painted darker or that logging work is being done in the surroundings of the airport.

The management of NOTAMs is very complex for the pilot or airline planning his flight. The excess of information does not make it easy to identify what information is relevant and this involves an almost manual process by the airlines that is time consuming to ensure that the flight will be operated without incident.

The challenge consists in the creation of a digital platform that would provide users (airlines, pilots and drones) with only the most relevant and critical NOTAMs that are of interest for a specific operation, by automating and filtering the NOTAMs issued, while providing the information in a simplified form that reduces its complexity and facilitates interpretation, without undermining air safety.

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