Challenge #4
How could we?

Show more information to the passengers for a better planning of their time

This challenge seeks solutions to exploit relevant information, present it to a user, who is the passenger of a flight, and build loyalty through the added value that this information offers.
  • There are many aspects of the passenger experience that could be improved, such as the planning of time spent at the airport, security checks and waiting times.
  • ENAIRE has real-time information on delayed flights that could be valuable to passengers if provided to them.
  • The challenge is to develop a solution that helps the user to have more control over their time and actions at the airport, providing information and recommendations for a better experience.

There are many aspects of a passenger’s experience from the time they plan a flight until they arrive at their destination that could be improved. For example: travelling to the airport in advance, making a correct forecast of the time spent at the security controls, looking for boarding gates, calculating waiting times, queuing, etc.

ENAIRE provides real time information about the flights that are delayed and, therefore, we know if they are going to be late to their destination airports. This information can be valuable for passengers, because if they knew it in advance, they could save time waiting at the airport until their flight departs.

We are looking for a solution that helps the user to have more control over the time and actions to do in real time at an airport in order to plan better and avoid periods of uncertainty. This challenge involves providing information to users and making recommendations for a better experience.

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